The Bracken Bear

The Bracken Bear

The Bracken Bear


Scrap Metal Art Bear Sculpture

Size: 8+ ft Tall / 4+ ft wide

Weight: approximately 2 tons

Currently on display at Bracken Recycling 


The Bracken Bear

The Bracken Bear


Scrap Metal Art Centipede Sculpture

Size: 8ft long / 1.8ft wide / 0.8ft tall

Weight: approximately 80lb

Moving parts: The entire center chain independently pivots at each joint allowing for horizontal motion of each pair of legs/horseshoes and has slight vertical motion allowing it to conform to uneven surfaces; the stingers, antenna, and jaw all move as well


After building a good working relationship with the owner and employees of Bracken Recycling, discussions about making a Bear out of recycled metal for the company started.  

This project started with their company logo and an idea in my head and I commenced on creating the image I envisioned.  

This was the largest project I have undertaken thus far.  It took me months to complete.  The Metal Bear stands over 8 Feet tall and weighs about 2 tons.


Big Shout-out to Bracken Recycling for promoting PRINZ1!!!